July 31, 2010

Rural Kentucky Schools in the early '60's

   Now, it seems like another lifetime or something from and old movie script, but then, growing up in Jackson County Kentucky and going to a two room school with a potbelly stove in the middle of the floor, was normal.  There were three or four grades being taught in the same room.  Our teacher was the nicest lady I had ever met; and she treated us like we were her children.  We didn't have running water in the old school house, but, we had a faucet on the outside.  Each day someone filled the water bucket from the faucet and carried it into the school room.  We had one dipper but each child had their own cup.  One of the boys would build a fire in the old potbelly stove to warm us up.  Life was so simple then, we didn't worry about the economy or war or anything bad.  Our days were spent learning, and playing.  Our mornings opened with Bible readings, The Pledge of Allegience, and Songs.  As an adult I often draw from the wells of my simple past.  I read in the Bible once that we should not think more highly of ourselve than we ought to.  Growing up in simpler times has helped me to stay humble and I thank God everyday for the blessings he bestows upon my family and upon me.  My husband of 38 years shares similar childhood memories; this has inspired our interest in collecting old and favorite things we remember from days gone by.  God has blessed us with a wonderful Daughter, Son-in-law, and Grandson, who are our greatest treasures.

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  1. What a beautiful way to remember your childhood. Thank you for sharing it and inspiring us to remember what's truly important!