August 14, 2011

Somewhere a Bird

   While swinging in our backyard park today, I  listened to chirping songbirds above my head. 
Such a beautiful late Summer day, with high clouds and a light breeze. 
   Birds flitted through the drying leaves and sang sweet melodies. 
 Many went on their way, soon after they came,
 but, this one stayed for a little while,
     and I was able to take it's picture.   
If not for the chirping and singing, I might never have seen the birds, at all,
it seems they were almost hidden, among the drying leaves on the tree. 

Turkey Vulture
   Here in Kentucky we just call these birds, 'Buzzards.' 
 This one landed on a gate post near our home the other day. 
 Two of them landed at the same time, one on each gate post, 
and sat at a stance, by the time I got my camera,
one of them had flown away. 
 I thought that it may have been a mating ritual,
but, I read that was how they warm their bodies after a rain. 
 I read something else, too, that I didn't know. 
They don't have vocal cords like other birds. 
They can't sing or call, they can only hiss or grunt. 
No beautiful songs like that of the Finch,  
yet, they play such a large part in our eco-system,
keeping down disease; feeding mainly on carrion.

When God made our world, He designed it just right.  Praise His Name.
Blessings to you, wherever you are. 

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  1. Had never thought about birds who cannot sing not having vocal chords but it makes sense.