August 07, 2011

Thurman's Vision of What's to Come

   I often write about the Godly people I've known, and sometimes the visions they've had.  This is one I haven't written about until now.  The Godly man in the picture below is Thurman Keith, Thurman was a devout Christian and sang in the gospel singing group, 'The Keith Family,' until his death in 2009.  We went to church with Thurman in McCreary County, Kentucky for many years. 
   One night at church, Thurman stood to give a testimony, and began to tell the vision he had had, the church was not interested in hearing the vision and just passed him off.  My husband and myself, felt the Holy Spirit so strong when Thurman was testifying, we just had to hear the vision ourselves.  So when we got home we called him and asked him if he could come to church a little early the next church service and tell us the vision.  He was happy to.  He said he had been praying that God would help him understand why the tsunami of Dec. 26, 2004 came.  Then on the morning of April 7th., 2005, he had just finished his morning coffee, and was sitting in his chair, when he had this vision:
   He said he was carried away by an angel and told he was being shown these things because he'd asked for wisdom about the tsunami.  He said the angel showed him that the tsunami and earthquakes would be the beginning of the end.  But, said that God didn't cause the tsunami.  He said the angel told him we were in the 1st. of 3 stages leading to the Mark of the Beast.  He said, America's factories would close the doors because of high health care and taxes.  He said the farmers would shut down.  He said people would starve to death and there would be great famines, worldwide.  He saw people in great lines for food, except in the country that takes over.  He said the angel showed him piles of dead bodies, so many that the funeral homes couldn't bury them, so they took heavy equipment and pushed them into big holes and burried them that way.
   He said the angel showed him piles of money in the vaults in banks, that was worthless.  He said the American government would go broke, and be writing IOU'S. He said they would call in the old age pension (Social Security Checks) to try to have money in the treasury.  He said the presidency would be limited to a 6 month term.  He said it would be a time of high prices, dark times, industries gone, tornados, and storms.  He said the people on ventilators in hospitals and nursing homes would be ordered unplugged by the dictator that takes over.  He said the angel showed him a door that was closed and told him you're about to open the door that will lead to the Mark of the Beast.  He said college tuition would be so high that kids would drop out, and the ones with educations would try to run things, but, not do a very good job of it. 
Thurman Keith 3/3/43 - 5/29/09

   Then he said, the angel brought him back to a place where there was preaching and shouting when the Lord comes back.  He said he was shown to be prepared with the Holy Spirit to be able to stand in these terrible times. 
When Thurman had this vision, his wife, and daughters thought he was having a heart attack.  They waved their hands in front of his face and he sat in a trance and never responded for quite some time.

This is the original paper I wrote Thurman's vision on in 2005

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