October 17, 2012

Vintage Finds from Preston

   This past weekend we went on our first trip to
Preston, Ky.  for Court Days.  This is an annual
Vintage Finds 
event with vendors from all across the U.S.  It was a beautiful Fall day, and the people were very friendly. 
   We have been to Court Days at Mt.  Sterling a few times, but, really couldn't buy much because it was too crowded to look around.
   Preston was crowded as well, but, was spread out in a larger area so shopping was easier.  Getting items back to our vehicles was a little harder.  We used carts with rollers, and a heavy golf cart with the golf bag removed.
   We met our daughter there, and spent the day shopping with her.  We had a wonderful time, and bought a lot of stuff.
   I was drawn to the big chalk dog, I remember when I was growing up, most homes around here had one.  I love the old bottlecapper, the
vintage meat grinder, the old one cup sifter, and the vintage Pepsi Clock.  It took me a couple days to recuperate from all that walking and pulling carts.  We made so many trips to the vehicles and unloaded, I lost count.  We found some really good prices at Preston.  I was quite surprised.  Many vendors were overpriced, while the setup next to them was very reasonably priced.

       Hope you are having a Blessed Day, wherever you are,


  1. I would really enjoy a day like that searching through so many treasures. It sounds like you found some good finds!

  2. You trip was obviously worth while as you found plenty to buy. Those kind of dog ornaments were popular here too when I was a child but they were china or pottery and would sit near to the fireplace.