August 23, 2016

Making Lap Blankets from a Full Size Throw

    Hello Friends, I haven't posted in awhile.  But have enjoyed visiting your posts.   Last week I tried something I wanted to share with you.  I wanted to help make lap blankets for a nursing home, so I tried to think of an easy and fast way to make them.  I purchased two throws 50 x 60 inches that have velvet on one side and sherpa on the other side. There was only one seam around the inside of the throws, which made it easy to pull out after I had cut into fours.
    The first thing I did was fold the throw lengthwise, and cut through both layers, then I folded both pieces back, and cut again, making four pieces, I then pulled out the inside seam that had the throw quilted together. I turned each piece inside out and sewed around the edges, leaving about five inches not sewn to pull back right side out.
    So with two throws, I was able to make eight lap blankets.  The whole process only took about thirty minutes.  The other four are beige velvet with beige sherpa.  If anyone wants to try this, just make sure you have a top and bottom layer on your throw, that is not heavily quilted, preferably with only one seam that needs to be pulled out. Also, have your vacuum cleaner near by.  When you cut the sherpa, it does make a mess but, vacuums easily.
                                                 Hope you have a Blessed day, Trisha

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