October 31, 2010

Anybody love the Lord?

Anybody love the Lord?  I do!  

Sometimes we begin to think like Elijah, when he hid himself in a cave and thought he was the only one left that loved the Lord.  

             The Lord said He had 7,000 that had never bowed a knee to baal, nor kissed his neck.                                               
   Sometimes, God reminds us, we are not alone, though evil abounds in the world around us, 
God still has those who love and trust His name. 
   Today we visited a little country church in the north part of town. 
 It had been some time since we'd been there.  
Though the numbers were few, the preacher preached like the house was full.
  He preached a good message, part of the sermon was about Elijah thinking he was the only one left. 

 I thank God, Elijah wasn't the only one left then, 
and I thank God we are not the only ones left today.  
Thank God for the faithful few!  
Thank God that He never leaves us, nor forsakes us.

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  1. Yes...I love the Lord, because He first loved me. Thank you for reminding us that God's people are still here and serving Him with love.