October 08, 2010

Grandma Jones

   This is my grandmother Margaret Jones, known by family and friends as Aunt Maggie.  She was from the 'Old School' so to speak.  She had a sense of humor and was very high spirited.  My grandfather, who was very religious, didn't want her and the children playing music, so she would wait until my grandfather went to town, and she and her sons would go out behind the barn and play guitars, banjos and a juice harp. There were many funny stories told about this lady.  Most, I won't include in this blog. 
   She and my grandfather had 16 children total; some from a previous marriage.  She lived in a time when life was hard.  Just keeping food on the table was an almost never ending job, but, when grandma's faith grew a little dim, Grandpa always stood up and insisted on doing the right thing and God would provide.  And God did provide.

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