October 12, 2010

October Skies and Fresh Rolled Hay

  The Fall hay crop has been mowed, raked, fluffed, and rolled.  The fields once graced with tall fesque, and red clover is clipped to the ground.    Now, flocks of wild turkey roam the open fields with ease.  A family of skunk also enjoys the low grass and travels easily accross the fields. Even our tom cat has been taking longer trips toward the back gate and beyond.
  Around the homeplace we've been busy covering our woodpiles, and cleaning the chimney for the winter, because Fall comes early sometimes in Kentucky.  We are already seeing a good crop of Fall mustard greens and turnips.
  Marigolds, Zinnas, Cosmos and Ornamental Peppers still are the highlight of our Fall garden. Clear skies and low humidity are welcome after the long hot summer. 
  We just came out of a seven day Revival at our 'Old Country Church' and it went well.  One young man gave his heart to the Lord and several came to the Altar to pray nightly.  We had a lot of good preaching and singing and it was good.  We thank God for joining us in the Revival.  We thank Him for the little things like clear October skies and the smell of fresh rolled hay. We Praise Him for He is Worthy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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