June 07, 2011

400 Mile Yard Sale Finds of 2011

Lots of Pretty Tea Cups

Gold glass
   Just a few of the things we found on our trip.   We went on the 400 mile yard sale trip on Saturday.  It was a beautiful day, and we were Blessed to get to spend the day with our daughter.  We bought way too much as usual.  When we got home, I unloaded most of the glassware into my garden cart in the garage, until I can find somewhere to put it.  We met some of the nicest people and found some great buys.     We found some pink depression glass bowls that are not shown, and so many beautiful pieces; I was like a kid in a candy store.  

Vintage Jewelry Find

   I found some pretty vintage jewelry, an old standing, thread spool caddy, some nice clocks, and many other things.  We bought so many things that we had to have our son-in-law bring another vehicle and switch with us, because we were loaded so heavy.  Our daughter found lots of things to use for the ladies day celebrations, and children's programs at her church. 
   God Blessed us with time together, great finds, and beautiful weather; and we thank Him.  Blessings to you, wherever you are.


  1. The journey is sometimes the greatest treasure of all! Beautiful

  2. Wonderful treasures. I've wanted to experience this 400 mile long yard sale for several years, I only wish we were closer. I'd have a hard time limiting myself to what would fit in a suitcase....I'd need a huge truck.