June 11, 2011

What's the Matter, Cat got Your Tongue?

There is an old saying around here, when someone is at loss for words,
What's the matter; cat got your tongue?
Not the case for me lately, we've just been so busy, I haven't had much time to post.
With gardening, flowers, outdoor projects, cutting firewood for the Winter,
housework, wheeee, one does get tired. 
And there always seems to be another yard sale just around the corner,
waiting for me to stop by.  
I really do love Summer, though; with the birds feeding their young,
lightening bugs lighting up the evening sky,
 the courting call of Whippoorwills, and the Bullfrogs bellowing in the pond. 
Maybe I'm not so busy afterall, since I do find time to sit outside in the evenings,
and enjoy all this.
Hope God Blesses you with beautiful Summer evenings,
and time to enjoy them, 
 wherever you are.

1 comment:

  1. Your summer evenings described sound ideal.
    Glad your daughter did not have to have surgery.