June 22, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure Hunt

Coal Oil Lamps &  Costume Jewelry

   Tuesdays are not my usual treasure hunting days.  I usually go on the weekends.  But, because of traffic from a nearby stock sale, one of the local flea markets, sets up on Tuesdays. 
   I love old costume jewelry, and found some nice pieces.  What I didn't expect to find were two coal oil lamps.  I really like the pretty gold color.

Earrings, Pearls, & Collar Clips
Tuesday turned out to be a good day at the flea market, I might try it again, sometime.
Hope you have a good day wherever you are.  Blessings,  Trisha


  1. Love your wonderful vintage finds. I had to click on that picture with the jewelry to get a closer look...I like what I saw, my kind of stuff. Thanks so much for sharing and for visiting.

  2. Love all of your treasures, Trisha!!
    You are too sweet! I definitely DON'T have it all together!! I am a work in progress, and right now I am moving in the right direction...hopefully, as I rely on Christ, I'll stay the course!!

    Hugs to you!!
    I really need a treasure hunting outing myself!! The shop needs some new junk!!


  3. We went treasure shopping yesterday to all the used shops in a neighboring town and I found a wonderful picture for three dollars!