June 03, 2011

400 Mile Yard Sale, out Hwy. 68

   Doesn't seem to matter if we have room for anything else or not, when it comes to the big sales; they're really hard to pass up.  So, we hope to head out early in the morning on our treasure hunt up Hwy.  68 through Kentucky. 
   The sales start in Western Kentucky, and goes Northward to Maysville.  We find lots of vintage items, and antiques, on this sale, every year.  
   We especially like one very old Antique Shoppe in Old Washington;  it is ran by a really nice elderly man.  Most of the Shops in Old Washington will be participating in the 68 Yard Sale event.  
   Whether we find treasures or not, just spending the day with our daughter, and doing something we love, will be Blessing enough.   
   Have a Blessed day wherever you are. 


  1. Would be very tempted if we had those yard sales around here.

  2. Now that is a yard sale!

    Thank you for your kind words on Arise 2 Write. GOD bless you. You are so right, nothing is too big for GOD to handle.

    Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

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