November 29, 2011

Another Flea Market Find

1950's Glass Topped Table 

   We found lots of vintage items at the flea market this past weekend.  Here is one of them; a nice old glass topped table, probablly from the '50's.
   We also found an old boiler kettle, an Anchor Hocking Pickle Jar, and some other good items to put in our booth. 
   I made a couple more Christmas wreaths today to take to the booth as well. 
   Having a booth is a lot of fun, but, it is so hard to keep it stocked, we may only keep it open a few months. 
   We had a few snow showers today, just a little taste of what lies ahead, I think.  I played Christmas carols while I made the wreaths, and that helped put me in the Christmas spirit.
   I still don't have any decorating done.  I am usually one of the first in the neighborhood to put up Christmas decorations, but, our booth has taken all our time.  We've only had it open for two weeks, and have already had to re-stock, five times, and are planning to re-stock again tomorrow.  That's a good thing, though, it means our stuff is selling. 
We thank God for all His Blessings. 
Hope you are having a great day wherever you are,


  1. I hear you Trisha. This is my last month at the vendors mall. It is a full-time job. I mostly wanted to get all the surplus I had in the move forcing me to downsize. I have pretty much gotten rid of all that, so I will close down at the end of December. I am so glad you are doing well with yours. Blessings!

  2. So glad that you are doing well with your sells:) ((hugs))