November 27, 2011

Raise Our Own Meat

   This year after purchasing my Butterball turkey for Thanksgiving dinner;
minutes later, I sat down with my laptop and began 
my usual viewing of Facebook, and my favorite blogs. 

Within minutes I saw links about Butterball turkeys being halal certified. 

My first thought was that some watchdog groups had,
jumped the gun, so to speak, and was accusing Butterball falsely.

But, upon further reading, I was convinced, they were indeed, halal certified.

There was no way I was going to eat,
or serve halal certified meat to my family, not knowingly.

So, I took the turkey back to the grocery store where I purchased it
and told the manager why I was returning it. 
He thanked me for telling him, because he was unaware of it himself.

I purchased another brand for our Thanksgiving dinner. 

For anyone who is unclear what halal certified meat is,
it is slaughered in a certain way in keeping with Islamic law;
you may want to look it up, but, I think they turn toward Mecca,
slit the animals throat, bleed it, and recite a prayer to their god.

America is a Christian nation,
and we should not have worry whether our meat
has been sacrificed to some other god.

Makes me want to raise our own meat.

Blessings, Trisha 


  1. I did not know that!!! Thanks for the info. I did not buy butterball...thank goodness. Wow, that is just shocking. Blessings!

  2. I did not know that about Butterball turkeys. I don't usually buy them because of price. I agree, we are a Christian nation...we should haven't to worry about are food being offered to idols. There is enough other problems with the food to worry about.

    Anyway, that you for the nice comment on my blog. Your comments always brighten my day. I love comments, but I am not a very commentor on other blogs... I wish you much luck on your booth, that it is very successful and have a great day.