November 08, 2011

Our River became a Lake

   We spent this beautiful November evening at Laurel Lake in Southeastern Ky., near our home.  The sun warmed our faces, and leaves rattled in the breeze, as we walked along the banks of the lake.  Laurel River channels through the middle of Laurel Lake winding it's way through points on either side.
Laurel Lake
    Laurel River holds special memories in our hearts.  Almost 40 years ago, we spent our honeymoon in a cabin, there.  Whippoorwill hollered every night we were there.  Even now almost 40 years later, Whippoorwill come back to the same location every Spring.  Today the cabin is covered by water, and we can't tell where the river ends, and the lake begins, but, it's still one of our favorite spots to visit and reminiseHope you had a beautiful day in your neck of the woods.   



  1. That sounds wonderful Trisha. I love Laurel Lake and how exciting it would be to hear a whippoorwill. Even more exciting is a 40 year marriage these days. I have missed your posts. Blessings!

  2. Fun to return to one's Honeymoon location.