November 25, 2011

A Time to be Thankful

I thank you Lord, for all you do, and all you've done.

What an exciting time to be alive, and see the prophecies of old unfold.
Today's headlines, seem to align with what the prophets in the Bible foretold. 

This Thanksgiving, I am especially thankful; 
for I know what the Bible says is true.

And I know, You will one day return, to receive us unto Yourself.

I know, not one jot nor tittle of your word, will pass away,
 but, all will be fulfilled. 

What a Blessed Thanksgiving it is, indeed.

Hope you are thankful, and excited to be alive, in a time such as this.

Blessings,  Trisha


  1. Yes, it is! There are many that need to be reached, and there will be those that will be lost. We really have to keep our focus on him, I know I could sure be doing a better job of this.I hope that you had a blessed Thanksgiving with your family!

  2. Amen Trisha! I believe too! I know what his word says is true and will come to completion. Blessings!