August 02, 2010

Almost time to make aprons and bonnets for 'Old Fashioned Days'.

  Sewing is one of my favorite hobbies.  Just about every Fall, I start making calico print aprons and bonnets for 'Old Fashioned Days' at church.  I like to have some made up because we attend several churches in the surrounding area and have many friends in each of them.  Usually starting about September some of them call to see if I have any aprons and bonnets made.  It is so nice when I can say,"Yes, I do, just come and pick you out a set." I have some different bonnet patterns to try this year; I'm excited.  I love Fall of the year. The multi-colored leaves look like a color pallet from God's own hand; and briskness in the air makes for a fine day of hiking in the woods.

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