August 14, 2010

A Bright Sunny Day, Good Friends, and Favorite Things.

   What blessings God has bestowed upon us. He's given  us a bright sunny day, good friends to share it with, fresh garden vegetables, and many of our favorite things. 
   I made the red calico print apron in this picture for my mammo about 38 years ago. She always wore an old feed sack apron over her dresses. Some of my fondest memories of mammo was of her sitting in her rocking chair under the shade tree in her yard.
   Mammo made the best homemade jelly in the world. When we went to visit her we always wanted a jelly sandwich, even if we had just gotten up from the supper table. My mom always scolded us, but, mammo just smiled and said,"Grace let them girls have a jelly sandwich if they want one." And we did.

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