August 08, 2010

Sitting on our Brother's Knee

     This picture was taken in the early sixties. We lived in an old  house in southern Ky. that was not much better than the old storehouse pictured in this old photo.  After dad passed away at only 50 years old, our two older brothers tried to take care of us like dad always did. One cold snowy day they played in the snow with us and snapped this picture. We had a large family but only five of us were still at home with our mother.  The older brothers and sister who were already married and moved away always sent money to help out and special presents from time to time. We didn't know we were poor and didn't know where all our blessings came from, but, now we do. We know God held us in His hand through all the hard times. I want to thank God for watching over us and giving us a good family.
     The old storehouse in the photo stood in the corner of our yard. My brothers used an old car seat to make a couch and some old lard cans or buckets for tables and made a playhouse in it. We had good times playing in there.
     I think my mom was the best cook in the world, and my older sister was the best house keeper.  Everytime she mopped the floors, she scrubbed the porch and swept the yard. I never see anyone sweeping their yards anymore.

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