August 22, 2010

Gone Away with a Friend

 I heard a beautiful old song the other day 
 It goes like this:
"Gone Away with a Friend"

I looked into the face of an old saint of God,
I thought your race is finished, your life's crown is won.
Separated for the present, but, soon to live again.
He's only gone away with a Friend.

Gone away with a Friend, someone closer than a brother,
Someone who loves you more, than children, dad or mother.
He holds your very soul in the palm of His hand.
Let read on my tombstone, Gone Away with a Friend.

Now He's my constant companion, through life's joys and
life's pains, all my hopes and my fears, I hold in His dear name.
And when my soul breathes free from the ties that bind me here.
I'm going away with Jesus, no other Friend so dear.


1 comment:

  1. This is absolutely beautiful! What a testimony to leave behind. Thanks for sharing this today!