August 19, 2010

Gone are the Days of the Old Washboard

Today's find and Old Glass Washboard

We were fortunate to get a two hour lunch break today, I spent my time wisely.  I had a quick lunch and went to the local vendors mall, where I made a really nice find.  I found this old glass washboard, that brings back so many childhood memories. I've used one many times scrubbing clothes with lye soap. We had and old wringer washing machine, but, many things had to be scrubbed before putting into the washer. The pastor at the little country church we go to sings a song called "This Old Washboard." Many can relate to these simpler times of long ago.
Without internet, or microwaves or cellphones. The days seemed longer then. We had time to visit our neighbors and they had time to visit us. In today's world many don't even know their neighbors. How sad. I thank God to have lived in the simpler times and hold their memories in my heart.

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