May 14, 2011

Carvings by Ky. Folk Artist, Loyd Bryant

Carvings by Loyd Bryant

Black Snake Close Up

    These handmade walking canes were made by a local Kentucky folk artist, Loyd Bryant.  Loyd attends a church that we sometimes go to, in the southern end of Whitley county.  Loyd is an elderly gentleman, whose wood carvings are admired by friends, and neighbors alike.  Loyd is a kind, soft spoken man that had never heard of the mountain community where he now lives, until he met his wife many years ago.  He now speaks of his love for the mountains, and his wood carving.  Loyd carves other things as well, with intricate detail.  We had the opportunity to purchase these canes at a community yard sale on Saturday.  Carvings of snakes are not something I would normally purchase, but, owning pieces of his folk art was something I was not willing to pass up.  Have a good and Godly day.  Blessings. 

You Name it Snake

Loyd teased about the snake on the cane above. 
 He said, he didn't know what kind of snake it
was, but, I could name it. 

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