May 22, 2011

Vintage Pin Display Pillow

Pin Display Pillow
  I love to collect old jewelry, especially pins.  I decided to make a pillow to put some of them on to sit on my dresser.  I had recently upholstered a chair, and vanity seat in the bedroom and had a piece of material left.  It was just big enough to make a display pillow.  I used heavy posterboard to cut out the heart shaped back, and 3 inch sides, only the top is soft.  I taped the sides to the bottom, filled it with fiberfill stuffing, then hot glued a thinner material over the bottom, then hot glued the upholstery material over the top and sides.  I then applied the trim with hot glue as well.  This picture doesn't really do the pillow justice.  I turned out very well.  This would be really pretty done in velvet. 
Have a Blessed day, wherever you are.


  1. I love the fabric you chose! I tried to cover two old chairs--just the seats--years ago, and that fabric would have been perfect.