May 29, 2011

Meet Ky. Artisans Loyd & Freda Bryant

   In a recent post I wrote about Kentucky artisan, Loyd Bryant.  Today we visited Loyd and his wife Freda in their beautiful home in the mountains of Southeastern Kentucky.  We had a wonderful visit and got to see some more of Loyd and Freda's art.  Loyd is an accomplished wood carving artist, and Freda is an accomplished quilter and banjo picker.  They were gracious enough to let me photograph them and share pictures of their art with you.   

   Loyd gave us this eagle head, that he carved out of cedar as a gift, his mark is carved on the back.

Loyd Bryant
with one of the
canes he carved.

Loyd's Intricately Carved Indian

More of Loyd's Wood Carvings


Freda Loves to Play her Brother's Banjo

We spent this beautiful Sunday afternoon with two very special people, Loyd and Freda Bryant.   It was Southern hospitality at it's best.   

Freda's Beautiful Handmade Quilts

Have a Blessed day.  Trisha

Freda's quilts are almost as colorful as her personality.

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