May 22, 2011

Church on this Side of the River

              We decided not to take the long drive to McCreary County this morning, 
opting instead to go to a little country church on this side of the river. 
We saw old friends, and met some new ones. 
The drive was short, but pretty nonetheless. 
Fenced pastures lay stretched on both sides of the road for much of the drive. 
 An occasional house, and barn could be seen in a distance. 
 The little country church vibrated with the sound of piano music,
 and the familar voices of our friends. 
It was much like going home, but, we won't completely feel at home,
I suppose, until we reach our new home, the one in Heaven. 
 But, it is good to feel welcome in God's house, wherever it might be. 
Hope you've had a Blessed day.

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