July 25, 2011

A Cat Named 'Ole Shep'

'Ole Shep' can't bark
Let me introduce you to 'Ole Shep.'  He was our neighbors cat, until he moved away last winter, leaving him behind.  We had no idea he had left his cat behind, for several weeks; until one day I spotted the cat sitting out in the field in about 4 inches of snow.  I took some food to the cat, but he ran away.  I left the food, and started putting food out everyday for him. 
   In just a couple of days he came in to us.  He was so thin and malnourished we didn't know if he would make it.  He had pulled most of his fur out down to the bare skin.  His fur is coming back now, and he is one happy cat. 
   I think the only ones happier, are us, his new owners.  He is one terrific cat; so loving, and has such a personality.  Every time he catches a mole, he brings it on the porch and lays it down, even though he doesn't eat them.  He is a good mouser, too.  He follows us around like a dog, and just can't get enough petting. 
   He likes dry cat food in the morning, warm milk at noon, and canned cat food in the evenings.  He always wants to be petted before he eats.  I just can't tell you how much this little fella means to us.  
   You might wonder how 'Ole Shep' got his name.  When he came here, he was so shaggy, my husband said he looked like a shaggy dog, and lovingly tagged him with 'Ole Shep.' 
   For us it was a match made in Heaven, and we thank God for 'Ole Shep.'   


  1. Hi: A wonderful gift of life to bless you. What a great thing you have done. I am sure he has at least8 more lives to give you. Blessings, Martha

  2. That is so sad that his family just left him. He is blessed that you took him in. We did the same thing with a little stray dog that we named "mama". She is now a healthy "fixed" little dog that is overly loving. You can't even walk out the door with out her showing you love. It's just sad that people can just throw away their pets. I'm thankful that your cat has you & you have him:)

  3. It's true...they do have nine lives. You were so good to take him in and now look at all the joy he brings. Such a lucky kitty!

  4. He will soon look as plump and happy as I know he must be with being treated so well.

    God is certainly in all things giving us joy!