July 07, 2011

Summertime in Kentucky

Beets, Red Sails Lettuce, Mustard, and Onions 
    Summertime, so much to do, gardening, canning and preserving.  Long evenings, listening to Katydid, Crickets, and Jar Flies; watching Lightening Bugs, and reminiscing of days gone by.  The song of Whippoorwill echos through the nightime sky.   
   Summertime in Kentucky, a thing of beauty.

 Garden Gladiola

Twilight Rainbow

A couple of nights ago, around 8:00 P.M., we had the rare occurrence of and evening rainbow.  We seldom see a rainbow that late, but, it was a welcome sight.
Hope you are enjoying a beautiful Summer, wherever you are. 

Blessings, Trisha

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