July 01, 2011

Irrestibily Sweet Blog Award

   I received this Irresistibily Sweet Blog Award on June 29th. from Mudpie Reality.  Thank you Selina.  Selina has a beautiful, and creative blog about card making, and paper crafting.  You may visit her blog at http://www.mudpiereality.blogspot.comShe says the protocol for this award is to tell 7 things about yourself, then pass it on to 7 other deserving people.  So here goes:

1.  I love the Lord, and am awaiting His return.
2.  I love my husband, family, and friends.
3.  Favorite T.V. shows: Hal Lindsey Report, Grant Jeffrey Bible Prophecy Revealed, & The Andy Griffith Show.
4.  I love sharing the Gospel with others.
5.  I love working with my hands, making something useful, or making something better.
6.  I love to read, and to write.
7.  I might be called somewhat of an antique-aholic.

The blogs I would like to pass this award to are:

1.  Andrea at Arise 2 Write
2.  Becky at Junk To Joy
3.  Patty at My Mountain Blessings
4.  Sandy at One Day at a Time
5.  Barbara at Ramblings from an English Garden
6.  Terri at Terri Tiffany Inspirational Writer
7.  Beth at This and That

If you would like to post this award on your blog, just click on the Award, save as a picture, open Design, click Add a Gadget, browse and find the picture you saved, then click Add Selected.  It will post on your blog, then you can pass it on to 7 other Irresistibly Sweet Bloggers.  Blessings, Trisha

1 comment:

  1. Trisha I am honoured that you thought of passing this on to me but my blog is an award free blog.
    I had so many in the early days and wrote so many lists about myself that I stopped it.

    Congrats. to you on receiving it and interesting to read your list.