November 29, 2011

Another Flea Market Find

1950's Glass Topped Table 

   We found lots of vintage items at the flea market this past weekend.  Here is one of them; a nice old glass topped table, probablly from the '50's.
   We also found an old boiler kettle, an Anchor Hocking Pickle Jar, and some other good items to put in our booth. 
   I made a couple more Christmas wreaths today to take to the booth as well. 
   Having a booth is a lot of fun, but, it is so hard to keep it stocked, we may only keep it open a few months. 
   We had a few snow showers today, just a little taste of what lies ahead, I think.  I played Christmas carols while I made the wreaths, and that helped put me in the Christmas spirit.
   I still don't have any decorating done.  I am usually one of the first in the neighborhood to put up Christmas decorations, but, our booth has taken all our time.  We've only had it open for two weeks, and have already had to re-stock, five times, and are planning to re-stock again tomorrow.  That's a good thing, though, it means our stuff is selling. 
We thank God for all His Blessings. 
Hope you are having a great day wherever you are,

November 27, 2011

Raise Our Own Meat

   This year after purchasing my Butterball turkey for Thanksgiving dinner;
minutes later, I sat down with my laptop and began 
my usual viewing of Facebook, and my favorite blogs. 

Within minutes I saw links about Butterball turkeys being halal certified. 

My first thought was that some watchdog groups had,
jumped the gun, so to speak, and was accusing Butterball falsely.

But, upon further reading, I was convinced, they were indeed, halal certified.

There was no way I was going to eat,
or serve halal certified meat to my family, not knowingly.

So, I took the turkey back to the grocery store where I purchased it
and told the manager why I was returning it. 
He thanked me for telling him, because he was unaware of it himself.

I purchased another brand for our Thanksgiving dinner. 

For anyone who is unclear what halal certified meat is,
it is slaughered in a certain way in keeping with Islamic law;
you may want to look it up, but, I think they turn toward Mecca,
slit the animals throat, bleed it, and recite a prayer to their god.

America is a Christian nation,
and we should not have worry whether our meat
has been sacrificed to some other god.

Makes me want to raise our own meat.

Blessings, Trisha 

November 25, 2011

A Time to be Thankful

I thank you Lord, for all you do, and all you've done.

What an exciting time to be alive, and see the prophecies of old unfold.
Today's headlines, seem to align with what the prophets in the Bible foretold. 

This Thanksgiving, I am especially thankful; 
for I know what the Bible says is true.

And I know, You will one day return, to receive us unto Yourself.

I know, not one jot nor tittle of your word, will pass away,
 but, all will be fulfilled. 

What a Blessed Thanksgiving it is, indeed.

Hope you are thankful, and excited to be alive, in a time such as this.

Blessings,  Trisha

November 20, 2011

Just What I Needed to get Me Started Crafting Again

Inspiration for Crafting
   We've just opened our booth, and it has already given me inspiration to start crafting again.  I've made Christmas wreaths, Christmas Aprons, Tree Skirts, and lots of Large Bows.  Things have been selling quickly, and it is a little hard to keep it stocked.  We were there setting up, and stocking, four days last week, and hope to stock again tomorrow.  We found some great vintage items to add this week.  Hope you are having a Blessed day, wherever you are.

November 14, 2011

A Big Day in the Life of a Junker

Well, we did it.  We've talked about opening  a booth at the Vendors Mall for years.           Today, we opened one. 
Booth 605 at Corbin Vendors Mall
We made two trips up there today
to get it set up,  and still didn't get
to take everything.  We'll have to
go back again tomorrow. 
Seems like a lot of work for two
old people like us, but, it was fun. 
It was dark when we came out of
the Mall.   Being out after dark is
 unusual for us.
This has been a big day for us.
Hope you've had a big day today,
as well.  Have a Blessed day
wherever you are.

Blessings, Trisha

If you are ever at Corbin, stop by for a visit.

November 10, 2011

Friends New and Old

Friends Welcome Here
Sometimes when paths cross,
a friendship is formed that lasts forever.  
God Bless You, KS from Bell County, Ky. 
And, if God permits, we will meet again. 

And remember, you have a friend not so far away,
who will lift up your name in prayer.
Friends are worth more, than silver or gold,
err they be, new or old.

A Welcome Wreath Hangs at Our Front Door,
Come See Us When You Can.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season.
Blessings, Trisha

November 08, 2011

Our River became a Lake

   We spent this beautiful November evening at Laurel Lake in Southeastern Ky., near our home.  The sun warmed our faces, and leaves rattled in the breeze, as we walked along the banks of the lake.  Laurel River channels through the middle of Laurel Lake winding it's way through points on either side.
Laurel Lake
    Laurel River holds special memories in our hearts.  Almost 40 years ago, we spent our honeymoon in a cabin, there.  Whippoorwill hollered every night we were there.  Even now almost 40 years later, Whippoorwill come back to the same location every Spring.  Today the cabin is covered by water, and we can't tell where the river ends, and the lake begins, but, it's still one of our favorite spots to visit and reminiseHope you had a beautiful day in your neck of the woods.   


November 01, 2011

Old Churn, Hand Made Dasher

Old Butter Churn and  Hand Made Dasher

   We found this old churn at an estate sale earlier this summer, but it didn't have a lid or dasher with it.  My husband made a lid and dasher for it, that almost looks like the original.  He made the lid out of a wood basket lid, and the dasher out of and old broomstick and a couple pieces of pine.  It's amazing what you can do with some old scraps of wood. 

Hand Made Dasher

Have a wonderful and Blessed Day, Trisha