April 03, 2011

Another Beautiful Sunday at Greenwood Baptist Church

God Still Works in the Hearts of Men,
even at a Little Country Church 
   We are blessed with an abundance of preachers at our little country Church.  Many times we have 7 or 8.  They don't all preach in one service, but most do have something to say.  This Sunday morning we only had 4 preachers, some were out because of sickness and other reasons.
   We've been studying the Book of Revelation in Sunday School and are now in the 5th. chapter.  One of the preachers has recently had a bout with cancer surgery and treatment.  During our Sunday School class this morning, he shared a vision God gave him when he was near death.  I love to hear the goodness of God and am always ready to pass it on, when I know the person, and know it is true.  Brother Larry had told us he had had a vision and when he felt the time was right he would tell the church.  This morning he shared his vision with tears running down his face:
   He said, he saw a beautiful garden with colors so bright, he couldn't even describe it.  He said it was so much brighter than the colors we see here on earth.  He saw people walking in the garden, and singing 'Redeemed'.  He saw his mother, his mother-in-law and so many people he couldn't count them.  He saw two old preachers who helped him when he first began to minister. 
   Then he said everyone fell to their knees all at the same time and raised their hands in worship, saying 'Alleluia.'  He looked, and saw a bright light approaching the garden; so bright it was like a light shinning through a prism.  It was so bright he had to cover his eyes.  He wanted to stay, but it wasn't his time.  He is thanking God for his vision.  We thanked him for sharing it.  We felt the Holy Spirit when he spoke, so I know he was telling the truth about what he saw.  
Have a Blessed day.

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  1. How wonderful when we get to experience a revelation from God. To get a glimpse of heaven......what a blessing to get to hear that and to have that dear brother to be part of your fellowship. Blessings!