April 19, 2011

Vintage Garage Sale Finds

Easter Needlepoint


   I found some pretty needlepoints and doiles on Saturday, but I didn't notice this was an Easter needlepoint until I took the picture.

Pretty Floral Needlepoint

Vintage Tea Towels 

Small Doilies

I love old doilies, tea towels, and needlepoint; and the prices were unreal.  I spent just a little over $6.00.  I sure do love a good garage sale.   Have a Blessed day.  Trisha  


  1. I love old doilies and needlepoints too. Of course, I love anything old. What a deal. I love it even better when you can find those things at such a great price. Enjoy your new treasures. Blessings!

  2. Love your finds, Trisha! Thank you for coming by my blog!! I have a whole box of vintage linen things that I need to get in my shop or use around here! A sweet bloggy friend gifted them to me!! What a joy!

    Have a joyful Wednesday!