April 29, 2011

Playing With Paper Dolls

Patty Duke Paper Dolls

Just how old am I, anyway?  Well, I'm not too old to play with paper dolls.  These are punch out Patty and Cathy Duke paper dolls.  I love the 50's style clothes.

Barbie, Ken and Skipper

Barbie Punch Out Paper Dolls

These Barbie paper dolls have very bright colors and 
4 background scenes.  I have been looking for old
paper dolls for a long time. 
Our daughter found these vintage paper dolls
at a flea market in Ohio a few weeks ago. 

I was happy to get them. 
Have a Blessed day, Trisha                                                                                          


  1. I love paper dolls. I was just looking through the ones I had when I was a little. What memories. Mine were well played with though and are not in as good of shape as yours are.

  2. I loved paper dolls as a child. I liked to take a magazine and cut out and make my own paper dolls. I would spend hours in my own littlw world playing with them.
    My girls enjoyed it too when they were younger.