April 08, 2011

Easter Poem 'No Frocks Nor Bonnets Blue'

No Frocks Nor Bonnets Blue

This dear heart, is not a tale
Of frocks, or bonnets blue
It speaks of things, indeed I know
Of a Saviour's love for you

2,000 years and some have passed
Since our Saviour's life was given
Jesus Christ, the Son of God
Crucified, then Risen

Freely gave He, his life
As a ransom for the sins of men
Had he not paid the debt for sin
In judgement, we'd been condemned

I'll praise His Name this Easter Season
I'll sing Salvation's song
I'll bend my knee, for those still lost
'til I've gone the way, all men have gone

I hope you enjoy this Easter poem I have written for you.

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