April 18, 2011

Don't Eat Pure Lard, It'll Kill Ya

My Husband's Great Grandpa,
 Tom lived into his '80's, and 
his gr. gr.  grandpa lived to be 104. 

   Tom lived in the mountains of McCreary County, Kentucky, in a time when country folk, pretty much raised, or caught what they ate, with the exception of a few staples, like coffee, flour, and lard. 
   When my husband's dad was growing up, he said he could remember his grandpa Tom opening up a 4 lb, box of lard, and slicing off a big slab and putting it between two crackers and eating it. 
   No doubt they were hard times, and folks did what they had to do to survive.
   When someone says, "Don't eat pure lard, it'll kill ya," my husband's dad replies, "It killed my great grandpa, but it took it 104 years to do it."
   Have a Blessed Day, Trisha

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