April 15, 2011

Kentucky Mountain Funeral

   Skies greyed and hinted of rain.  The canopy flapped in light wind gusts.  Red, and white dogwood stood in full bloom and brightened an otherwise solemn occasion. 
   The crowd gathered to say goodbye to a dear loved one.  The song began, and the crowd stilled to reflect upon her life, as she lay in the pine box before them.  A spray of day lilies and Spring flowers adorned the plain pine box she had requested.  She loved God, family, friends, and nature.
   Her husband of more than 70 years stood by, with a heavy heart. 
   The country preacher, preached to those left behind:  " If you want to go to Heaven, you must be born again."  The rain held off, and the last word was spoken.  The crowd drifted off one by one, back to the house.  We left too; choosing not to watch them lower her into the grave.  We visited this dear Saintly woman in the hospital last Sunday, and she was all smiles. 
   I would like to see the beautiful smile she has on her face now. 
   This Kentucky mountain funeral was held today, April 15, 2011 in Mt. Victory, Kentucky. 
   Have a Blessed day.  Trisha 

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  1. I know she has a beautiful smile on her face in heaven right now!!