April 10, 2011

Blessed Mountain Sabbath & the Song of a Whippoorwill

   Our Sunday School class was good again this morning as we studied the last part of chapter 5 in the Book of Revelation.  We had open discussion and it was much easier to understand, after we heard everyone's input. 
   Our little mountain church choir, sang praises to our Lord and Saviour this beautiful Spring morning.  The old country preacher stood and delivered the message, that God had placed on his heart, with all his might.  God blessed us with His presence in the congregation this morning; that was the important thing.
   We visited some folks in the hospital after church, then drove home.  It has been another Holy Mountain Sabbath, filled with sweet worship, fellowship, and sunny skies. 
   Now this warm April night is coming alive with sounds of Spring frogs and Whippoorwill.  The sweet smell of Viburnum permeates the air.  God is good, and His blessings are all around us.
Have a Blessed day in the Lord Jesus Christ.

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