April 29, 2011

Playing With Paper Dolls

Patty Duke Paper Dolls

Just how old am I, anyway?  Well, I'm not too old to play with paper dolls.  These are punch out Patty and Cathy Duke paper dolls.  I love the 50's style clothes.

Barbie, Ken and Skipper

Barbie Punch Out Paper Dolls

These Barbie paper dolls have very bright colors and 
4 background scenes.  I have been looking for old
paper dolls for a long time. 
Our daughter found these vintage paper dolls
at a flea market in Ohio a few weeks ago. 

I was happy to get them. 
Have a Blessed day, Trisha                                                                                          

April 28, 2011

Spring Wreath

Spring Wreath

   Flowers are blooming and fruit trees setting fruit; it must be Spring.  Our daughter made this beautiful Spring wreath for us.  Hope you have a beautiful Spring wherever you are.

Blessings, Trisha

April 24, 2011

Pink Depression Glass

Pink Depression Glass

  We found this pink depression glass yesterday, at a local yard sale.  I was so happy to find it.  The lady having the sale, also had a china cabinet that was over 100 years old, for sale.  It was so large, we didn't have room for it. 
   She had a lot more pink glassware, and it was hard for me not to buy all of it.  But, I was thinking, where will I put it.  
   Have a Blessed day.

Couldn't Let Easter Pass, Without Saying Thank You, Jesus

   Our Sunday drive to church started with dense fog, downpours of rain, then dark clouds breaking away into sunny skies.  By the time we reached the church house, our spirits had brightened considerably. 
    Another beautiful Easter morning was before us.  We had a wonderful service and was so happy to feel God's presence.  
   I just couldn't let the day pass, without saying thank you to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  Thank you for Easter. 

April 23, 2011

New Life for Outdated Advertising Fans

Fans for our Old Country Church

   I came across some outdated advertising fans at a yard sale, last summer.  There were 10 of them, bundled together with a rubberband.  The lady having the yard sale said they were free.  I was happy to take them; knowing that I could rework them for our church.  Our church does have air conditioning, but once last summer it froze up and got very warm in the Sanctuary.
   To rework the fans, I printed a Welcome page with a picture of our church and a Bible verse on the front: on the back I printed some favorite Bible verses.  I used Post-It photo paper.  I am happy they turned out well. 

Favorite Bible Verses

Have a Blessed Easter weekend.  Trisha

April 19, 2011

Vintage Garage Sale Finds

Easter Needlepoint


   I found some pretty needlepoints and doiles on Saturday, but I didn't notice this was an Easter needlepoint until I took the picture.

Pretty Floral Needlepoint

Vintage Tea Towels 

Small Doilies

I love old doilies, tea towels, and needlepoint; and the prices were unreal.  I spent just a little over $6.00.  I sure do love a good garage sale.   Have a Blessed day.  Trisha  

April 18, 2011

Don't Eat Pure Lard, It'll Kill Ya

My Husband's Great Grandpa,
 Tom lived into his '80's, and 
his gr. gr.  grandpa lived to be 104. 

   Tom lived in the mountains of McCreary County, Kentucky, in a time when country folk, pretty much raised, or caught what they ate, with the exception of a few staples, like coffee, flour, and lard. 
   When my husband's dad was growing up, he said he could remember his grandpa Tom opening up a 4 lb, box of lard, and slicing off a big slab and putting it between two crackers and eating it. 
   No doubt they were hard times, and folks did what they had to do to survive.
   When someone says, "Don't eat pure lard, it'll kill ya," my husband's dad replies, "It killed my great grandpa, but it took it 104 years to do it."
   Have a Blessed Day, Trisha

April 15, 2011

Kentucky Mountain Funeral

   Skies greyed and hinted of rain.  The canopy flapped in light wind gusts.  Red, and white dogwood stood in full bloom and brightened an otherwise solemn occasion. 
   The crowd gathered to say goodbye to a dear loved one.  The song began, and the crowd stilled to reflect upon her life, as she lay in the pine box before them.  A spray of day lilies and Spring flowers adorned the plain pine box she had requested.  She loved God, family, friends, and nature.
   Her husband of more than 70 years stood by, with a heavy heart. 
   The country preacher, preached to those left behind:  " If you want to go to Heaven, you must be born again."  The rain held off, and the last word was spoken.  The crowd drifted off one by one, back to the house.  We left too; choosing not to watch them lower her into the grave.  We visited this dear Saintly woman in the hospital last Sunday, and she was all smiles. 
   I would like to see the beautiful smile she has on her face now. 
   This Kentucky mountain funeral was held today, April 15, 2011 in Mt. Victory, Kentucky. 
   Have a Blessed day.  Trisha 

April 14, 2011

A Friendship that Stands the Test of Time

Trisha and Brenda

   This is a picture of me, and one of my best friends, Brenda, taken more than a half century ago.  I uploaded it from a class picture Brenda emailed me. 
   I was shy, and she was outgoing, a great combination!  We played tag, jump rope and tug of war.  School was so much fun, I don't know how we learned anything. 
   I stayed in Kentucky, and she traveled around the country, living in California, down South, and now in Nebraska.
   Though miles have always separated us, our friendship has remained.  
 I thank God for our Friendship 

April 12, 2011

Korean Photo Art

Korean Photo Art

   My brother had this photo/painting of me, & my little sister done when he was stationed in Korea.
   It was customary for the soldier boys to have photos inserted into hand painted Asian art.
   This painting was done in 1957 and the colors are as brilliant as if it were painted yesterday. 
   Hope you have a bright and colorful day wherever you are.
                                                                                                            Blessings, Trisha

April 10, 2011

Blessed Mountain Sabbath & the Song of a Whippoorwill

   Our Sunday School class was good again this morning as we studied the last part of chapter 5 in the Book of Revelation.  We had open discussion and it was much easier to understand, after we heard everyone's input. 
   Our little mountain church choir, sang praises to our Lord and Saviour this beautiful Spring morning.  The old country preacher stood and delivered the message, that God had placed on his heart, with all his might.  God blessed us with His presence in the congregation this morning; that was the important thing.
   We visited some folks in the hospital after church, then drove home.  It has been another Holy Mountain Sabbath, filled with sweet worship, fellowship, and sunny skies. 
   Now this warm April night is coming alive with sounds of Spring frogs and Whippoorwill.  The sweet smell of Viburnum permeates the air.  God is good, and His blessings are all around us.
Have a Blessed day in the Lord Jesus Christ.

April 08, 2011

A Field Blessed with Wildlife

Turkey Gobbler and Hens

  Today the fields behind our house came alive with turkey, a pair of geese, and crow.
   I took this picture of a gobbler and his hens about midday.  The deer don't come until about dusk and stay until dawn.
   We never know what we will see when we look out a window, sometimes coyote, fox, owl, blue heron, rabbit, squirrel, raccoon, and ground hogs, but the cutest thing we've seen was a family of skunk we saw last Spring.  These fields are definitely Blessed with wildlife.  Have a Blessed day.

Easter Poem 'No Frocks Nor Bonnets Blue'

No Frocks Nor Bonnets Blue

This dear heart, is not a tale
Of frocks, or bonnets blue
It speaks of things, indeed I know
Of a Saviour's love for you

2,000 years and some have passed
Since our Saviour's life was given
Jesus Christ, the Son of God
Crucified, then Risen

Freely gave He, his life
As a ransom for the sins of men
Had he not paid the debt for sin
In judgement, we'd been condemned

I'll praise His Name this Easter Season
I'll sing Salvation's song
I'll bend my knee, for those still lost
'til I've gone the way, all men have gone

I hope you enjoy this Easter poem I have written for you.

April 04, 2011

Pink Crooksville China

Crooksville China


   I've been finding a lot of pretty old dishes lately.  I found these pink Crooksville China dishes at our local Vendor's Mall.  I love the '50's design.

Japan China

  I found these pretty dishes at a local church sale.  I really like the colors.  They are very delicate.


Harmony House 'Blue Bonnet' JAPAN

 Blue and white dishes are one of my all time favorites.

Have a Blessed day in the Lord Jesus Christ.

April 03, 2011

Another Beautiful Sunday at Greenwood Baptist Church

God Still Works in the Hearts of Men,
even at a Little Country Church 
   We are blessed with an abundance of preachers at our little country Church.  Many times we have 7 or 8.  They don't all preach in one service, but most do have something to say.  This Sunday morning we only had 4 preachers, some were out because of sickness and other reasons.
   We've been studying the Book of Revelation in Sunday School and are now in the 5th. chapter.  One of the preachers has recently had a bout with cancer surgery and treatment.  During our Sunday School class this morning, he shared a vision God gave him when he was near death.  I love to hear the goodness of God and am always ready to pass it on, when I know the person, and know it is true.  Brother Larry had told us he had had a vision and when he felt the time was right he would tell the church.  This morning he shared his vision with tears running down his face:
   He said, he saw a beautiful garden with colors so bright, he couldn't even describe it.  He said it was so much brighter than the colors we see here on earth.  He saw people walking in the garden, and singing 'Redeemed'.  He saw his mother, his mother-in-law and so many people he couldn't count them.  He saw two old preachers who helped him when he first began to minister. 
   Then he said everyone fell to their knees all at the same time and raised their hands in worship, saying 'Alleluia.'  He looked, and saw a bright light approaching the garden; so bright it was like a light shinning through a prism.  It was so bright he had to cover his eyes.  He wanted to stay, but it wasn't his time.  He is thanking God for his vision.  We thanked him for sharing it.  We felt the Holy Spirit when he spoke, so I know he was telling the truth about what he saw.  
Have a Blessed day.

April 01, 2011

Sunrise in the Shadow of the Cross

Sunrise in the Shadow of the Cross 
   This morning we awoke to a beautiful Spring sunrise.  I took these pictures and didn't notice until I uploaded them, it looks like a shadow of the cross below the sun.
   It is such a beautiful sight, that I wanted to share it with you.  I took the picture through my kitchen window and there is not a cross anywhere that could have reflected this image.  A reminder that God is always with us.
Many Blessings.       

Shadow of the Cross Picture Two