September 12, 2010

A Blessed Mountain Sabbath

 The drive accross the mountain this morning, quickly gave way to clear blue skies and sunshine casting peaceful shadows on the mountain trees.
 Here and there along the roadside; goldenrod and wild coreopsis stood waving in the breeze. 

 When we pulled into the gravel parking lot we could see that the side and front doors 
of the little church stood open, letting in the fresh air and sunshine. 

We could hear the Sunday school teacher delivering his lesson in his gentle familiar voice.  
The choir sang softly and their angelic voices drifted through the clean mountain air.  

The pastor preached another God given sermon that lifted the heart and soul.  
The sound of roosters crowing accross the hillside rang clearly through the open doors. 

What great love God has bestowed upon us to allow us to enjoy this Blessed Mountain Sabbath.  No this isn't a church of long ago.
 We visited this little country church this morning, in the hills of Kentucky, September 12, 2010. 
 We thank God for His little country church where we can get a drink to fill our thirsty soul. 

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