September 28, 2010

Come Sit Around our Table

   Friends and family are welcome in our home.
   If you come to visit, I'll fix supper for you, and make you a fresh pot of coffee or a pitcher of tea.  Then we'll sit around and reminesse awhile.  Seems that few take time to visit anymore.  When we were growing up, family and neighbors visited one another.  There weren't many days that we did not have company.  When we didn't, we often walked out the road and visited our neighbors.  I still miss the evenings when the neighbors came down to watch wrestling with mom and dad.  They had such a good time and us kids were caught up in the excitement.  And many times in the summer we walked home from a neighbors house, by the light of a full moon.  It seemed that no one was in a hurry back then.  When you visited someone, they didn't want you to leave.  And when they came to our house, we didn't want them to leave.  When someone came from out of town, we cleaned for days before they got there and mom cooked everything special she could think of, and when they left, us kids cried because we didn't know how long it would be before we would see them again.  So if you're comming by, let me know, so I can cook you up something special, like my mom did way back then. And don't be supprised if we don't want you to leave.  Family and friends are one of God's greatest blessings.

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