September 01, 2010

Cooking on the old Wood Cook Stove

           As kids growing up,    we have fond memories of breakfast being cooked on an old wood cook stove much like this one. Though our parents and mammo had electric and gas ranges, they kept their old wood cook stoves and fired them up in the Fall and Winter to help knock the chill out of the house.  On really cold days, we warmed our hands over the top, and baked cornbread, biscuits and cake in the oven. But, the gravy and fried apples was always my favorite.
   This year at Thanksgiving, Lord willing we hope to cook our Thanksgiving meal on this old wood cook stove in our garage. When we have snow and ice storms and loose power, we cook in the garage and light the kerosene lamps.  Seems to take us back in time, if just for a little while. God is good.

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