September 05, 2010

How we reflect without even knowing it.

   When I took this picture of the knick nacks in my kitchen window, I never noticed my reflection until I uploaded it. It reminded me of the unknowing influence we sometimes have in the lives of others, be it good or be it bad.
    When I filled in at the switchboard so the receptionist could go to lunch a few years ago, a woman came in to apply for a job.  She had that familiar look, but, I didn't really remember her.  She has a ghostly look on her face as she approached me and began to appologize for something she had said to me many years before when we worked together in a neighboring town.  She told me that she had told her sister the day before, if she ever saw me again she would appologize to me.  I assured her that I did not even remember what she had said and what ever it was I had forgotten all about it and did forgive her.  I never remembered her first reflection, though it may have been a bad one, but, I may never forget her last one of sincerety.  Thank the Lord for second chances, and forgiveness.

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