September 21, 2010

World's Most Precious Mammo

    Mammo Cloud lived in a big white farm house surrounded by tall shade trees and a white picket fence.  This kind and precious lady left the minning camps of Harlan, Ky. and moved to her home in southern Ky.  Mammo Cloud was one of the most special people, I've ever known.  Around the house she always wore and old feed sack apron and sometimes she had an old rag tied around her head.  She worked hard her whole life, even in her aging years.  She raised a big garden, milked the cows, churned buttermilk and made butter.  Most people only mopped their floors once a week, but not Mammo Cloud; she mopped her floors everyday.  Her house was always spotless and always welcoming. And she still had time to grow beautiful flowers in her flower garden.  Mammo is gone to be with the Lord now, and I know she loves the beautiful flowers up there.

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