September 25, 2010

Our Old Wash Stand from Childhood Days

    Many years ago I was blessed to aquire this old wash stand.  It is the one we had when we were growing up.  It brought back many childhood memories. We lived several places in Whitley, Laurel, and Jackson counties in Southern Kentucky, before moving to Indiana for a few years, then back to Whitley county.  We moved this old wash stand wherever we went.
    In my mind I can see the water bucket, dipper, and wash pan still sitting on this old wash stand.  Lots of places we lived at; we either had a well and drew our water, or we carried our water from a spring.  In both cases we used this old wash stand to sit our water water bucket on. 
    When we grew up; we didn't think life was hard.  Most of our friends and neighbors grew up the same way.  Back then getting water was a daily chore, but, God always blessed us with good drinking water and everything else we needed.  Just as He does today.  And we thank Him.

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