September 18, 2010

The man and his Bible

  This is grandpa Jacob Jones sitting on the front porch with his favorite book in his lap, his Bible.  Mom always told us that grandpa couldn't read or write, at least not like most people reads and writes.  He could however sign his name and he read his Bible as good as anyone could have.  Mom said that God had blessed him to read his Bible.  She told of the many times that she and her sisters followed along with him while he was reading his Bible, just to make sure he was really reading it.  She said he was, but, he couldn't read anything else.  Sounds like God really did bless him in that way.  This is a man who truly lived by faith.  Mom told of a neighbor coming to their home one evening wanting  meal or flour to fix for their family for supper.  Grandpa told grandma to get it for them, she told him they only had enough for their own supper, grandpa said in his kind and gentle way, God would provide for them.  Mom said it was getting late and she didn't know if they would have supper that night or not, until they saw their brother George Fultz coming down the road with a sack of groceries on his back.  George said God had laid it on his heart to bring them some groceries.  Grandpa never doubted and God always provided.

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