September 06, 2010

Fall my Favorite time of year.

   The crisp evening air, the call of the katydid and clear skys are welcome changes.  
The long hot summer nearly gone, making way for evening walks at the lake.  
The river is clearing some; we may get to take our john boat out and do some bass fishing.  
Won't be long 'til fall apples are in season. 
 Apple butter time!  We need to put some apples in the freezer for the winter.
   Nothing better than fried apples, hot biscuits and gravy when the winter wind howls outside.

   With Fall's beauty and nature's bounty,
 I remember that the Bible say something like,
"What is man, that God is mindful of him?"  
I don't know the answer, 
but, I am so thankful, He is mindful of us.

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