December 29, 2010

Aprons for Christmas!

My Favorite Things

    Of all the things I received for Christmas; these two beautiful aprons are among my favorites.  Our daughter made them, and they are precious to me.

A Gift From a Friend

   The day before Christmas I received two packages in the mail.  One was these minature utensils from my dear friend, Susan.  I think they are beautiful, and work so well in my kitchen.  Susan is not only a good friend, she is a good cook as well.


  The other package I received was from my childhood friend, who now lives in Nebraska.  It was my favorite candy and a friendship magnet.  The candy was great.  The magnet was beautiful.  The friendship; priceless.

Christmas 2010

    We received so many thoughtful gifts this year it is hard to include them all.  From boxed candy, ham, shuck beans, homemade candy, crafted items, fleece sheets, candles, a beautiful scarf, muscadine jelly, flannel shirt, Case knife, movies, cd's and I could go on and on. 
    We are thankful for the beautiful Christmas snow, and all our family and friends.  And are so thankful for the many gifts we received.
    What a Blessed Christmas, 2010 was.

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