December 01, 2010

Mom and Dad; So Many Years Ago.

Mom and Dad
   This picture of Mom and Dad was taken many years ago. They were still young in this picture, probablly in their 30's or 40's.  Dad worked in the coal mines and mom raised the kids.  Times were hard back then and it shows in their wearied faces.   
   We lost Dad when he was only 50 years old.  Then lost mom in 1991.  We still miss them, but, know that we can see them again someday.  For that; we are thankful.  
   So many memories cross my mind when I look at this picture.  Dad's sense of humor, and how easy going he was, mom's spunk, the games she taught us, like Club Fist, I Got Some Bread and Cheese, and others, the Haint stories she told us, and what a good cook she was.  
    The Christmas Season is near again, and I am reminded of the simple Christmas's long ago.  When I was around five, I can remember getting a rubber doll for Christmas, a rubber doll with molded hair, no clothes, no wrapping paper, it was in a clear plastic sack.  My little sister got one, too.  We were so tickled when we awoke and found them on our pillows.  We got little, but, it mean't a lot.  The best gift I could think of today, would be to know that I would see my whole family again in Heaven someday.

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