December 15, 2010

Meet my Mom

My Beautiful Mommy
   Mom was born in 1914 in Harogate, Tennessee.  Life was much harder then.  I recall the stories she told of having to clear fields with oxen; and when they didn't have oxen, she and her older sister had to pull the plow themselves.
    She told of the many times they had little to eat, but, God always provided and they didn't have to go to bed hungry.
She told of seeing a car for the first time and hidding behind a tree. 
    Mom was full of life, and, a bit of a spitfire.  She had a good sense of humor; she and Dad was always playing tricks on one another.  
    Mom was not one to reckon with either; though only pint size she packed a considerable whallop.  She wasn't afraid of anyone or anything, and she made that plain. 
    But, when she cooked a big meal she made sure we took a plate to an elderly neighbor.  The neighbor wasn't in need and had lots of family living near her, but, mom always said you take it on out to her, she might like some of this.  She was a woman of grit, but, had a heart of compassion.  

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