December 17, 2010

Wee Guardian Angel

Callie Mae Sits in the Shadow of the Cross
                                                                                         I purchased this little doll almost 20 years ago at Renfro Valley in Mt. Vernon, Ky.  This little doll is an angel and has removable wings.  She was made by   S. Lehman, ImLay City, MI. 
    A friend and I went to Renfro Valley to watch a show, it was the last show of the Christmas Season; and they would be closing all the shops after the show until after New Years Day.  We had already looked at everything in the shops and I wouldn't buy this little doll because it was too expensive.  I had shown this doll to my friend and she laughed at it and said it was the ugliest doll she had ever seen.  I thought the doll had charm.  From the mud colored clay she is made of, to her little bare feet, she speaks of a gentler time.  I named her Callie Mae. 
    After the show the MC announced that all the shops would be opened for 1 hour offering 50% off any purchase.  Well, I knew exactlly what I wanted.  My friend said, "Surely, you're not going to buy that ugly thing, are you?"  I said, "I surely am."   Callie Mae sits in front a handmade framed cross, that we received as a Christmas gift today.  It was made by a very Special Friend and I will treasure it as much as I have treasured Callie Mae.  You know something, God doesn't look on the outside, either.  He looks on the heart.  I am so glad.  God is no respector of persons.  And, no matter what color clay we may be made of, it is of no importance to him, for He looks upon the heart.  Praise God!

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  1. Wonderful thoughts about your little doll and the Love of our Lord. I am so thankful He looks beyond our faults and frailties to our very heart. Blessings!