December 10, 2010

Aunt Dema was the Pearl

She was a Pearl of Great Price
  This is Aunt Dema, one of the most precious ladies I have ever known.  She is my Dad's sister.  We lost her several years ago, but, know that she waits on us in her new home. 
   Aunt Dema lost her only daughter, when her daughter was just a young woman; she lost her husband early in life, she lost three of her brothers when they were still young men, and then a sister who probably lived to be in her 70's.  She had one brother left, who lived away from here.  Aunt Dema was nearly blind and carried a white cane.  She was one of the kindest and sweetest people I have ever known.  She spent her last years in a nursing home.  We went to see her often.  I worked near the nursing home, so it was easy for me to stop by on my way home. Aunt Dema was all smiles, no matter how bad she felt.  I feel blessed to have known such a precious soul.

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